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July 2012 Gemini Love Horoscope

Make magic happen

You should be able to find more joy from playing with others now. That's because amorous Venus finally shifted into forward gear in your sign. This happened late last month, and as the love planet picks up speed your social opportunities should increase. Still, if there is a skeleton in your relationship closet, it might come out with the Full Moon on July 3.

This revelatory event occurs in your 8th House of Intimacy, and it is joined with deep, dark Pluto. Sexual issues could be a key to connecting with someone new or create concerns in an ongoing alliance. Secrets can be the key to taking love to another level or undermining the trust needed to get closer to someone.

The question is whether you really want that degree of connection or not. If your partner is overly needy or demanding, this Full Moon can provoke you to start seeking a way out. Yet if you want to merge more deeply, face your fears and you could make this magic happen.

Mercury, your verbal ruling planet, turns retrograde on July 14, initiating a three-week period when you may be held more accountable for your words. Avoid making unrealistic promises or buying into the overinflated claims of someone else. Being honorable and truthful can be challenging in some situations, yet shows up again as a critical matter now.