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January 2012 Love Horoscope

Exalted romance

January's emotional temperature should warm mid-month, when amorous Venus shifts out of icy Aquarius and enters sentimental Pisces on January 14. The love planet's presence in Aquarius is excellent for bringing experimentation to existing relationships and being more open-minded about how we can connect with others. Yet there's a sense of distance as freedom tends to be more important than commitment in this sign.

Venus' move into watery, emotional Pisces is considered a significant step toward romance at its most exalted level. This last sign of the zodiac is where the barriers between individuals and within us melt away. It is about unconditional love and spiritual love that lift alliances with compassion and acceptance that can make two hearts beat as one. There is some risk, though, of romanticizing a situation and allowing fantasy to overcome reality.

nother key factor in relationships this month is the transit of Mars, the passionate planet of action that is the counterpoint of alluring Venus. Mars is slowing down in critical Virgo this month and stops dead in its tracks on January 23 when it begins moving backward (retrograde) in this sign until April 13.

This can delay progress in pursuing someone new or reinvigorating a current partnership. We may find ourselves fighting over old issues or trying to repair past relationships. Doubling back to tie up loose ends, though, can be a productive use of this transit. Yet being more timid and cautious could make it more difficult to initiate major changes in personal matters now.