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July 2012 Free Love Horoscope

It's make or break time

Although love planet Venus began moving forward late last month, the road to romance may still not be as smooth as we'd like. July gets off to a jittery start with the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3, which is joined with potent Pluto and challenged by a square from revolutionary Uranus. The message is that changes to our rules and obligations are in store. If we try to hold on tight without altering them, we may be shaken by surprises. Yet when we're willing to break the old patterns, relationships can grow deeper and more rewarding.

Passionate Mars also enters agreeable Libra on July 3, which brings a cooling influence and a desire for compromise. The key, though, is not to put a lid on differences of opinion too quickly, because this will only lead to upsets further down the road. Instead, giving voice to our deepest desires and being honest about our needs comes first. When all the cards are on the table negotiations can begin with honesty. Being truthful while being kind and open minded could be critical.

Verbal Mercury's backward turn on July 14 can complicate conversations, yet it also begins a three-week period when reconnecting with people from the past and restoring communications are possible. The Cancer New Moon on July 18 square serious Saturn, putting an emphasis on patience and responsibility. But the solar shift into bold Leo on July 22 opens hearts and spurs romantic feelings. Just be sure you can keep the promises you make on July 31 when amorous Venus trines realistic Saturn.