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April 2012 Leo Love Horoscope

Sweet talk

April starts with the Sun in fellow fire sign Aries, kicking up your energy and increasing your passion. This transit occurs in the adventurous 9th House of your chart, encouraging travel, playfulness and risk taking. Connecting with someone through educational or religious institutions is more likely through April 19.

Gentle persuasion and compromise are keys to making the most of the Full Moon in gracious Libra on April 6. It's better to give ground than to force a showdown at this time, as keeping the peace should be a priority. Recognizing that there are at least two sides to every story allows you to make compromises without surrendering your principles. Sweet conversations about the beautiful things in life can open the way to more fulfilling relationships.

The tone is more serious around April 15 when the Sun opposes stodgy Saturn. If you're frustrated at that time, take a deep breath, back away and reconsider your options. If a partnership is rocky, a conversation about mutual expectations might put it back on track. If you're single, you might feel isolated, so focus on how you can make yourself happy instead of trying too hard to win over someone else.

The Sun's shift into earthy Taurus and your professional 10th House late on April 19 (or early on April 20 depending upon your location) puts a greater emphasis on work than play. But if you handle your responsibilities in an easygoing manner, you can earn some admiration and become more attractive to others.