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August 2012 Leo Love Horoscope

Roar, but with restraint

This is your time of year Leo, one when you're usually ready to roar loudest. Self-esteem rises, and making an impact usually comes more easily for you now. On August 8, verbal Mercury, which has been retrograde, turns around and starts moving forward in your sign. This is useful for finally connecting with people who have been hard to reach. Yet even with this positive flow of communication energy, there are a couple of indicators of restraint this month as well.

The key restraint indicator is amorous Venus' shift into cuddly Cancer and your secretive 12th House on August 7. This tends to add some sensitivity to your personal life and increase your need for privacy. Even with mouthy Mercury's forward move and the Sun in your summery sign, there's a shy part of you that needs to be respected. Spending time in out of the way places with quiet people may become more appealing than dancing in a crowded club. This doesn't have to reduce the intensity of your feelings, even if you become more reticent to showing them openly.

The Sun's entry into modest Virgo on August 22 continues this cautious theme. There's an interesting contrast starting on August 23, though, when Mars enters steamy Scorpio to kick up desires, yet this happens in your domestic 4th House. This could put romance back into your home, but it also indicates the potential for secrecy when it comes to intimate encounters. Discretion is recommended to sustain the heat without causing embarrassment.