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December 2011 Leo Love Horoscope

Seeking the seal of approval

There are contrasting trends in your personal life throughout December. Venus, the love planet, is in sobering Capricorn and your 6th House of Adjustments when it starts, which can make you feel like you're working very hard for limited rewards. Getting the approval that you desire can be a difficult process.

However, your key planet, the Sun, is in your 5th House of Romance until Dec. 22. This could put you in the spotlight and show off your outgoing personality. But it could be like being on stage and putting on a great performance, only to find yourself getting a mere scattering of applause. A good way to avoid frustration is to please yourself in creative ways without being so concerned with others' reactions. It is possible, of course, that you could feel like you're the only one having fun, but there are hopes for heart connections when you match the power of your personality with a willingness to adapt to others' needs.

There's a crossover pattern coming in the latter part of December as alluring Venus emerges from the lower half of your chart and enters your 7th House of Partners on Dec. 20. This is very good for connecting with unusual and open-minded people, which requires you to be equally open-minded if you want to enjoy each other. If you're in a relationship, this is a time to air it out with new ideas and activities. On Dec. 22, however, the Sun enters responsible Capricorn and your 6th House of Work, requiring that you behave with restraint to earn the respect what you want.