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July 2012 Leo Love Horoscope

Get away from it all

There are two distinct planetary patterns affecting your personal life this month. July begins with the Sun, your warm-hearted ruling planet, in your shadowy 12th House of Privacy. This tends to keep you out of the spotlight, making it harder to get attention. Yet this can also be an excellent time to get away from it all for some rest and relaxation. Connecting with someone through charitable work or a spiritual activity, though, does make sense.

The Full Moon on July 3 lands in your 6th House of Health, making it an excellent time to clean up your diet and commit to taking better care of yourself. Sure, it can also exaggerate your flaws, but don't fall for negative thinking when a little positive change can have such beneficial effect.

Chatty Mercury turns backward in your sign on July 14, which can complicate communications during the following three weeks. Make sure you're sending clear messages and paying close attention to what others say if you want to avoid mix-ups.

There's a major shift when the Sun enters your outgoing sign on July 22. This is your chance for a fresh start, making this a time to update your appearance and your attitude. Yes, you are the most important person in your world, but don't let others think of you that way. The more you give, the more you get -- as long as you're generous with a responsible person. Taking the lead in relationships is also appropriate, whether it's about getting a new one off the ground or bringing more joy to one that you're already in.