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May 2012 Leo Love Horoscope

Flirting with trouble

The dividing line between friendship and romance could grow fuzzy this month. Amorous Venus is in tricky Gemini and your 11th House of Groups, which can attract you to a pal, a colleague or someone you meet through an organization. It could be a dating service, yet might also be about developing feelings while working for a cause.

It's essential, though, that you don't lose sight of your responsibilities with the all-powerful Sun in your 10th House of Public Duties until May 20. Maintaining respect in a position of authority while dallying with co-workers could create complications. This is especially likely as of May 15, when Venus shifts into reverse to begin a six-week retrograde period. You may meet people from you past or think about attractions that you've had in the workplace.

In any case, it's wise to avoid flirtations that might be taken more seriously than intended. Venus in playful Gemini makes it easy to chat up almost anyone, but that's not a signal to take the next step. Being more discriminating now might take a little fun out of your life in the present, but it can save you from a major dose of pain in the future.

The Sun, your key "planet," joins expansive Jupiter on May 13, which can encourage you to go too far or to spend too much. Instead, use this time as a strategic platform from which you can get a longer view of your personal life and establish plans that are designed to provide the love that you desire.