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November 2011 Leo Love Horoscope

Triple play

Clear your schedule, postpone your responsibilities and get ready to play. Although November starts with the Sun in scowling Scorpio, which can require attention on matters of home, the tides are shifting in a very favorable social direction. Venus, the planet of love, and communicative Mercury enter fiery Sagittarius and your 5th House of Romance on Nov. 2. These transits bring out the bolder side of your personality, making you very much at ease in the spotlight. There's a risk-taking side to Fire signs, though, so you may be into taking chances in matters of the heart. This could shake up a stable relationship, but could put more excitement into one that's grown stale. For single Lions, though, you should be ready to rock out with a joyous attitude that shows off your self-confidence. You could push the limits when it comes to fun or by coming on too strong. You'll need hardy playmates who can keep up with you because you're unlikely to be interested in slowing down and playing it safe.

Aggressive Mars, the planet of passion, continues to heat up your sign until Nov. 10, making the first week or so of November especially hot. You may have more work to occupy your time with Mars' shift into practical Virgo that day, but there's another wave of vitality yet to come. That's the Sun's shift into Sagittarius and your amorous 5th house on Nov. 22, giving your love life a second wind that spurs you to keep playing hard.