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September 2011 Leo Love Horoscope

Be Clear and Kind

Refinement is a key to relationship success the month. September starts with the Sun, your creative ruling planet, and loving Venus in Virgo and your 2nd House of Self-Worth. This could make you more aware of your flaws, but its purpose is not to put you down. It's about becoming more careful in your presentation and precise in communication. Focus on facts and things as they really are rather than dressing them up with flowery language or excessive praise. No, it won't make you dull and undesirable to be this way because it engages others intellectually, demonstrating your sense of logic and practicality.

On September 14, sweet Venus sidles into romantic Libra and your 3rd House of Communication, where peaceful words attract others and provocative remarks can push them away. The Sun follows suit, entering this chatty part of your chart on September 23. Libra, though, is a sign that specializes in listening, so paying attention to others' words may be more important than what you say.

There are some rough relationship patches in September that can rile the feathers of even the easiest going individuals. Venus' stressful connections with Uranus and Pluto on September 17 and 18 can spark a conflict, but it's the same patterns made by the Sun from September 25-28 that can really rock your world. Unexpressed emotions can explode in surprising events and rash talk. If you're bored in your situation, it's likely to show, yet honesty without kindness can cause more trouble than you want.