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April 2012 Libra Love Horoscope

Up close and personal

Your personal life should be popping this month -- but whether relationships are exploding with anger or taking off with excitement is up to you. April begins with the Sun in fiery Aries and your 7th House of Partners, which can bring aggressive people into your life. It's fine to be challenged, as long as the other person knows how to be fair. When the game is on the up-and-up it can serve to restore passion to an ongoing alliance or propel you into the arms of someone new. You'll be well prepared for challenges and opportunities by completing unfinished business first.

Aggressive Mars finally starts moving forward on April 13, giving you more fuel for reaching personal goals. However, this shift happens in the karmic 12th House of Privacy of your chart, reminding you to put your own life in order before expecting others to change theirs.

The Full Moon on April 6 is in your lovely sign, bringing emotions to the surface. This lunation brings up issues about independence and compromise. Both are necessary elements of any healthy relationship, so crises that arise at this time can be intense, but also useful for getting a fresh perspective on this matter.

The Sun shifts into your 8th House of Deep Sharing on April 19, which encourages you to get closer to the one you love. Patience is a key to making this magic happen. Intimacy with someone new is possible, too, but a long, slow warm-up might be needed before you take things to the next level.