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December 2011 Libra Love Horoscope

The truth can set you free

If you're willing to work hard and face some difficult truths in the early part of December, you could benefit with a more lively relationship life in the second half. On Dec.1 it's your ruling planet Venus, the Goddess of Love, joining deep, dark Pluto that can bring complex issues to a boil. Sure, it's understandable if you don't want to face unpleasant feelings or share them with others. But digging into yourself to expose old wounds and current disappointments is painful work that's worth the effort. That's because you will find a truth in yourself that can help to heal old wounds and open a wider road to satisfying partnerships. Mistrust and self-doubt, difficulty in a current alliance and fears about being less desirable are possible. Obsessing about someone you've lost or someone you think that you can't live without could provoke discomfort. Yet investing in the process of addressing these issues with patience, commitment, self-discipline and honesty can pay off with personal satisfaction that is more than worth the price. Don't give in to outside pressure since it's essential that you take charge of your emotions now.

You will get some wind in your social sails when Venus leaves hard-nosed Capricorn on Dec.20 and enters sister Air sign Aquarius. This transit occurs in your 5th House of Romance where it can lighten your load and brighten your prospects for amour. Let yourself have some fun, even playing with a different look and alternative ways to express yourself.