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January 2012 Libra Love Horoscope

Let the good times roll

You should be at your charming best during the first half of January. Alluring Venus, your adorable ruling planet, is in airy Aquarius and your 5th House of Romance until January 14. This is an excellent period of time to express yourself openly and creatively. Innovative Aquarius is ideal for taking risks in your appearance and how you show your feelings.

A more playful and experimental approach to relationships allows you to have fun and act with greater freedom. If you have a partner, trying out some new games and different experiences (even in public) can spice things up. If you're single and looking, this is definitely a time to take more initiative in pursuit of your dreams. Yet becoming overly serious can reduce your likelihood of success so make fun your guiding principle.

Venus slips into your 6th House of Work on January 14, which can bring more pleasure through your job. The romantic part, though, is not over because the Sun enters friendly Aquarius and your amorous 5th House on January 20 to put you back into the spotlight.

There may be a tendency to show off a little bit with this transit but that's a good thing. As long as you maintain an easygoing and playful attitude coming on stronger shouldn't offend anyone. You're a master of social skills so you will be able to take the lead with others without much difficulty. Once again, though, don't be too goal-oriented in relationships when simply having a good time will be enough to make you happy.