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July 2012 Libra Love Horoscope

Gaining perspective

At last, Libra, passionate Mars is entering your sign on July 3 after dragging its heels in your obscure 12th House since last November. Your passion is out of prison and this is a time to step forward and take the initiative in your life and in your relationships. You know how to be assertive in a gracious manner and this is the time to do it. Yet this energizing transit runs into some rocky times.

The Full Moon that very same day falls in hard-nosed Capricorn, where it's joined by controlling Pluto in your 4th House of Roots. Resentment is supposed to surface so you can finally heal a long-standing emotional wound. Rebellious Uranus' stressful square to the Full Moon puts you in a less than cooperative mood. It's healthier to dive into deep feelings and risk disruption than to hide from yourself. This can be an incredibly powerful time to break down barriers, which can be both exciting and upsetting.

Mars triggers Uranus and Pluto on July 17-18 with a potential for explosive situations. Sometimes you have to make a mess to get a fresh start. Mars' fortunate trine with wise Jupiter on July 17 can provide the wisdom you need to make sense out of these intense days.

Additionally, the Sun's shift into generous Leo and your 11th House of Pals on July 22 should attract support from friends and provide you with pleasure when you're part of a group. Amorous Venus (now direct) trines solid Saturn on July 31, putting love into perspective.