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November 2011 Libra Love Horoscope

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Love, or at least a big dose of delight, might be found around any corner this month. Venus, your ruling planet that also represents amour, enters risk-taking Sagittarius and your 3rd House of Nearby Places on Nov. 2. Chatty Mercury also moves into this communicative part of your chart on the same day. This combination is very helpful for meeting people as you're comfortable with talking to all kinds of individuals. A pleasant little talk in a non-social setting could lead to a more personal connection. Your openness to others is admirable and definitely increases your opportunities to appeal to others. However, it's important not to enter into situations where you're giving so much more than you get in return. Part of this can stem from the optimism of Venus in Sagittarius that helps you see potential partners without carefully thinking through the situation. You're in the mood to try and buy instead of simply window shopping.

However, the life-giving Sun is in scrutinizing Scorpio and your 2nd House of Self-worth until Nov. 22. This is a reminder to value yourself more and be more careful about your assessment of others. If you're already in a relationship, the optimistic transits of Venus and Mercury can open communication with your partner and encourage you to explore new experiences together. Being honest about your needs instead of playing it coy might also be a good idea. Venus' harmonious 120-degree trine with generous Jupiter on Nov. 27 could boost your self-esteem and enhance your romantic prospects.