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September 2011 Libra Love Horoscope

Be an Agent of Change

You may feel like you're on the outside looking in during the first half of September. The life-giving Sun will be in your obscure 12th house until September 23, which indicates that you may not be in the most sociable mood. It's fine for private little getaways or moments alone, but is not ideal for being your most public self.

Alluring Venus is also in your 12th house until September 14, when it enters your sign to brighten your outlook and upgrade your image. Venus is the planet of love and attraction, as well as the ruler of your sign. This is excellent for updating your appearance and tapping into the people skills and charm for which you're known. Pleasing yourself is a priority with this transit as the value others see in you is directly related to how much you value yourself.

Venus bumps into some tense connections with volatile Uranus and probing Pluto on September 17 and 18 that are likely to put some ripples of tension into your personal life. The Sun enters Libra and your personable 1st house on September 23, which is another boost to your self-esteem and confidence. But, like Venus, challenging alignments with Uranus and Pluto from September 25-28 could rock your world. Taking the lead and being the agent of change is healthier than stubbornly holding your ground and trying to avoid meaningful shifts in your personal life. Experiment and explore, risky though that may feel, instead of trying to turn back the clock.