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March 2012 Free Love Horoscope

Stop and smell the coffee

Slowing down to smell the roses is an excellent idea this month, with amorous Venus entering sensual Taurus on March 5. The pleasures of the senses increase when we take the time to fully appreciate them. Indulging ourselves with favorite foods, drinks, people and places can be good for the soul as long as we don't overdo. The risk (and delight) of going too far is strong on March 13, when Venus joins expansive Jupiter in Taurus. The upside of this transit, though, is finding a greater sense of self-worth that increases one's desirability.

An easygoing pace also makes sense due to verbal Mercury's backward turn on March 12. This begins a three-week retrograde cycle that can complicate communication. It is, however, favorable for going back and tying up loose ends in relationships. Completing unfinished personal business is rarely fun, but it can help close a chapter on the past.

Feelings can be fussy with the Full Moon in critical Virgo on March 8. A greater awareness of flaws or imperfections can either lead to corrective action or discontent with oneself or others. Fixing problems is much more useful than complaining about them.

The Sun's entry into fiery and impulsive Aries on March 19 doesn't make it easy to be patient, especially with an explosive Sun-Uranus conjunction on March 24. These high-energy transits can lead to breakthroughs and restlessness as the need for personal freedom grows. Just avoid acting hastily when kindness and careful thinking are essential to making a smooth transition.