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May 2012 Free Love Horoscope

Sweet and spicy

May starts with the Sun in sensual Taurus to remind us of life's sweet delights. Food, music, art, cuddling and other forms of gentle touch are especially rewarding now. Patience is a virtue in this slow-moving sign, but stubbornness is its shadow. Resistance to change could bog down relationships regardless of theoretical openness to trying new things.

Taurus' amorous ruling planet Venus is in diverse Gemini, spurring flirtatious behavior, sexy conversations and an attraction to whatever we don't have. Yet the love planet's progress is slowed as Venus moves toward her retrograde point on May 15. She begins a 6-week backward cycle that can put romance off course. Dreams of old partners could prove distracting, and a lack of commitment can be expected during this reversal period.

The sexy Scorpio Full Moon on May 5 can intensify desires and spur fears of loss. These could provoke some people into holding onto a failing union or to want to punish those who have not fulfilled expectations. But this should be a passing phase of intensity as Venus approaches her retro date on May 15.

The Sun's entry into adaptable Gemini on May 20 can strip away pretentions of permanence as the sign of the Twins is filled with distractions. It's essential to enliven ongoing partnerships with some new and different activities. If we feel forced to stick to a rigid routine, unfaithful behavior may ensue. For single folks, this is a time when increasing your dating options makes sense. Romantic variety becomes the spice of life this month!