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October 2011 Love Horoscope

Relationships In focus

Relationships, which are always important, become even more so this month. October starts with the Sun in Libra, the accommodating relationship sign that is expert at meeting others halfway. The charm and sociability Libra represents increases opportunities to meet new people or restore peace and harmony in ongoing alliances.

On October 23, the Sun shifts into passionate Scorpio, which takes partnerships to the next level. Deeper emotional issues emerge and the desire to get more out of our unions increases. While this sign is sometimes associated with jealousy and mistrust, that's only because feelings are so intense that fear becomes a greater motivating factor.

We won't have to wait until October 23 to get the message that looking good isn't good enough. Venus, the planet of love, descends into Scorpio's dark waters on the 8th, arousing passion and increasing hunger for intimacy. Secrecy can be a danger with this transit, but this is not an ideal manner in which to earn confidence with old or new partners. A willingness to push past superficial matters and discuss more complex needs and concerns can be scary, yet is also a way to test the waters and find out if an alliance has what you desire to satisfy your needs and make it last.