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April 2012 Pisces Love Horoscope

Watch your mouth

Conversations that have gotten lost in translation and ideas that have been delayed may finally find the light of day this month. Mental Mercury, the communication planet, turns forward in your imaginative sign on April 4 to get information flowing more effectively now. You generally express yourself gently, but there are a couple of reasons you might be more forcefulness in your speech now.

First, the Sun is in assertive Aries until April 19, challenging you to push harder for what you want. This transit is in your 2nd House of Self-worth, challenging you to initiate new activities that increase your value and confidence. Getting yourself in better physical shape is one good way to do this.

Then, on April 16, Mercury fires into impulsive Aries, triggering original concepts and intensifying your will to fight for your point of view. A little more spice in your conversations might trigger some conflict, but it's better to risk a little discord than to keep your mouth shut. Sometimes you have to say too much or push too far to get to where you want to be.

Mercury joins innovative Uranus on April 22, which can be a major wake-up call. If you're nervous or restless, be careful about speaking impulsively. Your words have the power to shock people and shake your world, which is fine as long as that's your intention. If your words touch a nerve, Mercury's square with potent Pluto on April 25 is the time for a deep and delicate discussion.