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December 2011 Pisces Love Horoscope

Examining the energies

Your high hopes for the holiday season could take a hit on Dec. 1 when festive Venus runs into a tense conjunction with manipulative Pluto. You may be disappointed by a friend or run into complications within a group where your sense of worth is undermined. You might want to withdraw into a wounded place, which is understandable, yet there's healing possible now as well. Notice what you're missing in your life and where you're paying too much in relationships. This difficult self-examination can help you change unrewarding habits and restore your power in partnerships.

A clear head is especially helpful on Dec. 7 when Venus runs into a challenging angle with your supersensitive ruling planet Neptune. You could make sacrifices or get lost in a dreamland of romantic fantasy. It's great to be inspired emotionally but don't lose your sense of good judgment at this potentially confusing time.

Forgiving yourself is a great gift on Dec. 20 as you let go of negative ideas that keep you from fulfilling your emotional potential. Connecting with an understanding individual who can listen to what you say without criticizing you offers meaningful backup that makes it easier to let go and move on if you're not where you want to be.

Being overly idealistic around the holidays is tricky this year with the Sun making two major disruptive aspects. Its harsh square with rebellious Uranus on Dec. 22 can provoke stronger needs for freedom and not following rules. A solar conjunction with Pluto on Dec. 29 could even feel like a betrayal if you put your trust in the wrong person.