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February 2012 Pisces Love Horoscope

Put your own needs first

People may appreciate you more than you expect them to early this month. That's because attractive Venus is in your sign until February 7. This is a dreamy and delicious transit that is likely to make you more desirable to others. One of the risks, though, is that people can project fantasies on you, falling in love with an illusion instead of the person you really are. Nevertheless, it's nice to be appreciated and you can enhance this potential by updating your appearance.

On February 7, Venus blasts into assertive Aries and your 2nd House of Self-Worth, reminding you to be a bit more selfish. This isn't about being unkind to others, but it is a reminder to focus on your own values and needs first. You can always compromise later, but if you're not willing to clearly acknowledge your desires, you're not being fair to yourself. This is also a positive period for developing new talents or trying new activities. Venus in pioneering Aries pays off when you're willing to make some changes.

On February 18, the Sun enters your imaginative sign and is likely to bring strong feelings to the surface. But instead of losing yourself in worries, it's a reminder to appreciate the power of your feelings. This solar transit is in your 1st House of Personality where it can garner more attention, especially when you're being creative and expressing yourself more freely. But if you are lost or lack inspiration, the Pisces New Moon on February 21 can provide you with plenty of motivation.