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June 2012 Pisces Love Horoscope

Tread lightly

Fantasies can be delicious, healing and inspiring, as long as you don't mistake them for reality. Amorous Venus is still retrograde until June 27, which can have you looking back toward the past to find the love you desire. While it's fine to draw on these memories to give you hope going forward, it's also helpful to learn lessons from the past so you can take the best of it and leave the rest behind.

Learning to tread lightly in the world of romance is also a good idea until June 20, while the Sun is in playful but non-committal Gemini. This is excellent for flirting and having fun without projecting expectations of where things are going to go. Staying light on your feet, in your mind and in your heart allows you to have pleasure without the risk of taking a major romantic fall.

That does change on June 20, when the Sun shifts into sister water sign Cancer and your 5th House of Amour. That starts a 30-day period when you should be able to get more attention and you may be more comfortable sharing deeper feelings.

Your traditional and modern ruling planets Jupiter and Neptune form a tense 90-degree square on June 25 that tends to make you see life through rose-colored glasses. Yet on June 29, the Sun's stressful aspects with disruptive Uranus and Pluto break through illusions and can destabilize relationships. But this a time to put partnerships in a brand new light that can free you from patterns of the past.