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March 2012 Pisces Love Horoscope

Fake it 'til you make it

March begins with the Sun in your imaginative sign, making this a good time to express yourself more openly. How you dress, what you say and who you're willing to say it to should be bolder than usual until March 19. You should be more confident, and if you're not, know how to fake it until you make it.

Sweet Venus, the planet of love, enters slow and sensual Taurus on March 5, which is good for enjoying life's physical pleasures. This transit occurs in the communicative 3rd House of your chart to make you more sociable when you're sharing some good food. Simply chatting with someone while drinking coffee or tea, as if you had all the time in the world, can make you feel so good. And it's when you've got that lovin' feeling about yourself that you become so much more interesting to others.

March 8 could be a turning point in relationships with the Full Moon in your 7th House of Partners. This lunation occurs in the pragmatic and sometimes picky sign of Virgo, which can be useful for addressing minor issues that are stifling trust in someone. There's no need to accept harsh criticism, but if what you're hearing (or saying) is practical, then use it. If you're single, this is a message to change your approach to people. Being clearer about whom and what you want in a relationship will enable you to filter out undesirable individuals, saving you time and energy and avoiding frustration and heartbreak.