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November 2011 Pisces Love Horoscope

From the ground up

There's a potentially favorable turn of events in your relationship life on Nov. 10. Mars, the planet of action and passion, emerges from a one-year journey through the private bottom part of your chart. Its entry into your 7th House of Partners is going to stir up more activity with others. Now, it might not all be easy because Mars is in fastidious and critical Virgo, which tends to focus on facts, details and practical matters. However, if you're willing to be realistic rather than stuck in a dreamland of improbable hopes, this can work to your advantage.

"Work" is the key word, because shoring up your current union or connecting with someone new won't necessarily come easily. Yet, if you're specific about your desires and willing to put in the effort, you can repair a wounded partnership or take concrete steps toward creating another one. Be clear about what you want and about what you're willing to do to get it. This doesn't sound like the magical, romantic way you prefer to operate, but think of it as building a magnificent castle. What you get at the end is meant to be a dreamland, but it's the planning and construction that makes it possible. A key issue is to avoid letting one little thing undermine your bigger hopes and dreams. You don't need to be perfect or have the perfect person in your life to make it sweeter than it was. Commitment to improving yourself physically, intellectually or emotionally will help you reach your goal.