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April 2012 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Feelin' frisky

You should be feeling frisky in the first part of the month as the fiery Aries Sun lights up your 5th House of Romance until April 19. This is a great time to play and have fun in your personal life. While you're likely to be in an adventurous mood, it's important to be sensitive to those around you. That's because your enthusiasm might overwhelm people and your possible impatience or impertinence could rub someone the wrong way.

Still, it's hard to keep yourself from being outspoken and direct about expressing your feelings. If you can temper some of your impulsivity, you'll be more appreciated by others. Of course, avoiding individuals who aren't willing to have fun is another way to skirt potential problems. This solar transit isn't necessarily about stabilizing or building a long-term relationship. Pleasure is more alluring than commitment, which is fine as long as you don't deceive anyone, including yourself.

Falling into fantasy and misreading others is possible, however, when loving Venus forms a spacey square with drifty Neptune on April 6. Appreciating the magic of the moment without concerning yourself about where it will go is a good way to enjoy yourself without unrealistic expectations.

Venus' entry into your 7th House of Partners on April 3 is another invitation to make playful connections. Discerning the difference between a meaningless flirtation and a deeper emotional engagement is key to avoiding confusion for you or the other person. Attractions and moods are too changeable to take very seriously this month.