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January 2012 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Express your feelings

Casual conversations can heat up with desire during the first half of January as alluring Venus is in your 3rd House of Information until January 14. You can find delightful people and experiences around the corner, so there's no need to travel the world for love right now. It's those little innocent moments that can lead to a new relationship or restore vitality to an ongoing one.

Mental activities spur your social life as long as you don't become argumentative. Keeping calm in the midst of a serious discussion allows you to disagree in a most agreeable manner. January 8 can be particularly stimulating as your expansive ruling planet Jupiter aligns favorably with verbal Mercury.

On January 9 there is a Full Moon in Cancer, which occurs in your 8th House of Intimacy. Powerful feelings may be stirred that challenge you to examine your emotional needs. You could be dealing with someone whose insecurities rattle your cage, yet this can also be a time when you're able to open up and express your needs with a person close to you.

You may shift into a more private mode when sociable Venus enters Pisces and your domestic 4th House of Roots on January 14. Entertaining at your place or even, heaven forbid, spending some time there alone allows you to rest and relax. You can also be more personal in a private setting where it's safe to be more honest about your feelings. Tender moments will arise when you're free to express yourself without trying to impress others.