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June 2012 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Look forward, not back

This is another active month for relationships. It starts with the Sun in playful Gemini and your 7th House of Partners, which should make it easier to attract someone new or to put a fresh spin on a current alliance. However, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign indicates the potential for big changes in personal matters on June 4. There might be a shift of status with someone, or it could just be about you altering your appearance, your attitude and your approach to connecting with people.

This is really about letting go of the past, which should be relatively easy for you because you're such a forward-looking individual. However, you do have strong beliefs about how you want others to see you that might be due for revision. Learning to let go is a great way to make room for something or someone better.

With amorous Venus still backpedaling in your 7th House of Relationships until June 27 you may be occupied with thoughts of old lovers, and you may even try to revive a romance from the past. Stepping back in time like this is only useful if you bring something new to the situation, because simply repeating or trying to repeat what's happened before is unlikely to succeed.

Sensitivity in communication is a must when verbal Mercury enters emotional Cancer and your 8th House of Intimacy on June 7. Gentler words are the key to smoothing out rough spots. The Sun's shift into Cancer and this part of your chart on June 20 represents the next step toward closeness or recognizing that you're feeling smothered and need to find some room to breathe.