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March 2012 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Restrain yourself

Staying sweet and tender is very important for the first half of the month. March begins with the Sun in sensitive Pisces, where you're rewarded for being more delicate and isolated when you come on too strong. Mental Mercury's move into assertive Aries on March 2, though, can make it more difficult to restrain yourself from speaking out. Of course, it's healthy to express yourself, but with the communication planet in this combustible sign it's all too easy to provoke a conflict and push someone away with insensitive speech.

Caution is particularly important when Mercury turns retrograde on March 12, starting a three-week backward period when it's easy to stumble over words, leave out essential details and misunderstand others. Your enthusiasm, though, is unlikely to be diminished in the middle of the month when your expansive ruling planet Jupiter joins amorous Venus in sensual Taurus on March 13. Passionate Mars and potent Pluto energize this pleasure-filled pattern on the following day, ensuring high levels of activity. Keeping your sense of humor allows you to play without letting competitive feelings sour the spirit of the game.

Then, on March 22, the New Moon in Aries joins experimental Uranus in your 5th House of Romance to spark some bold behavior. Your need for new experiences grows stronger, perhaps upsetting the status quo in a current relationship. Yet this should be a positive time of opening your heart with joy to help make connections, discovering fresh forms of fun or restoring interest in a union that needs some excitement.