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November 2011 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

At the center of it all

There are two different waves of planetary activity that can enhance your personal life this month. The first starts on Nov. 2 when alluring Venus and verbal Mercury enter your outgoing sign. The presence of Venus in your 1st House of Personality is bound to put you in a positive light. You should feel more attractive and if, by chance you don't, investing a little more time and effort in your appearance is a worthwhile endeavor. Of course, the pleasure planet in this position could make you less willing to compromise with others. You need to fly freely instead of being locked into a boring partnership. In fact, you're more likely to be happy on your own than to be with someone who you don't find very interesting. Chatty Mercury making the same move is excellent for speaking up and expressing yourself. But there is a risk of saying more than you should, so think twice before letting bold comments or outlandish opinions fly.

Still, the Sun in inscrutable Scorpio is in your 12th House of Secrets until Nov. 22. This could be about people who are withholding something from you. On the other hand, this transit shows your need for privacy, so that even when you're dancing on tables and appear to be open to everyone, what they're seeing is not what they're going to get. If there is any shyness, which is not your style, that will burn away with the Sun's entry into Sagittarius on Nov. 22.