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October 2011 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Face your fear

Group activities can open doors to your social life this month as October starts with loving Venus and the expressive Sun in your 11th House of Teamwork. Friends and organizations provide opportunities to find someone new or put a sense of purpose in your current relationship. Allow your community spirit and generous nature to guide your actions. Connecting with a person who shares your beliefs as strongly as you do should be especially enjoyable.

On October 8 Venus enters mysterious Scorpio and the obscuring shadows of your 12th House of Secrets. Secrecy becomes a theme in your love life and imagination can take desire to exciting but dangerous places. It's appropriate to respect the depths of your passion, even when it tempts you to behave in risky ways. Don't let shame diminish your sense of self worth; you are seeking parts of the human soul that are hungry and sometimes fearful or angry. Casting the light of self-acceptance onto these shadows can enliven your personal life now but, more importantly, heal deep-seated wounds about your lovability.

On October 23 the Sun enters Scorpio and sheds light on your undiscovered needs and fears. You may not get the attention you want or deserve -- such is the obscurity of the 12th house -- but rising up from the depths of yourself can empower you in your relationships for years to come. Bravely facing the darkest parts of yourself will free you to fulfill the brightest heights of your aspirations.