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August 2012 Scorpio Love Horoscope

Going to extremes

Sweet Venus moving into your sister water sign Cancer on August 7 creates a more inviting environment for love. That's because tenderness increases in this caring sign. In fact, this amorous planet's harmonious alignment with magical Neptune on August 9 can stimulate romantic dreams and create an inspirational environment for relationships. Your hopes, though, may be getting a little ahead of reality, because Venus is going to move through some bumpy territory less than a week later.

On August 15, Venus runs into hard aspects with your modern ruler Pluto and shocking Uranus, which could shake up a key connection, alter social plans or cause you to rethink some of your values. You could be tempted to go to extremes, which may be hard to avoid at this time. That's fine as long as you know that you're pushing the limits, which might have dramatic effects on your personal life.

Yet while these combinations are driving you hard, there's an exact conjunction of restraining Saturn and aggressive Mars that day that holds you accountable for your actions. A reasonable compromise and a way to facilitate change while being responsible is to delay your big move until you've thought it through carefully and gotten all your ducks in a row.

You'll be ready to take action with a greater sense of control when your traditional ruling planet Mars enters Scorpio on August 23. Now the ball is in your court and you will find the power, passion and sense of purpose needed to take the initiative in relationships.