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December 2011 Scorpio Love Horoscope

Coming up to the surface

Your ruling planet Pluto pops into the relationship picture on Dec. 1 when amorous Venus in your 3rd House of Communication joins it. Secrecy could play an important role as you uncover a hidden truth or are charged with keeping a confidence. But this provocative transit can also spur some strong reactions as even gently spoken words may hit a sore spot. You could burn with resentment, yet it's healthier to be honest about your feelings than to simmer with anger. This could be the kind of crisis that provides a wake up call about your personal life.

You may find an opportunity to enjoy the company of someone new or to put more spice in a current union on Dec. 5. Yet, it's possible that even though pleasure is in the offing that some patience and self-restraint are required. On Dec. 20 Venus moves into cool Aquarius and your 4th House of Roots. Although this could create a chill on the home front, it offers you a chance to step away from emotional habits and memories to see them from a fresh perspective. This can provide opportunities to let go of wounds that have kept you from relaxing and enjoying partnerships.

Gaining a bit of detachment comes in handy around the holidays that are especially charged this year. The Sun's stressful 90-degree square with quirky Uranus on Dec. 22 can provoke unexpected events and feelings of alienation. Then, on Dec. 29, the Sun's union with Pluto might spur power struggles or strong desires that can be hard to satisfy.