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February 2012 Scorpio Love Horoscope

Expore your fantasies

You should expect some delicious and delightful moments in your personal life this month. February begins with the love planet Venus in your sister water sign Pisces and your 5th House of Romance. This will open your heart and spur your imagination to express yourself and have fun without worrying about giving too much or not getting back what you want in return. Generosity is a precious quality that will reward you now.

Escaping the reality of ordinary life with some fantasy is desirable. Don't let practical matters get in the way of a good illusion if that's what it takes to enjoy yourself and entertain someone else. On the 7th of February, though, Venus leaves this luscious part of your chart and enters the 6th House of Work, where adjustments and challenges in relationships are more common. Still, if you feel separated from joy, it should be a short-lived exile.

That's because the creative and expressive Sun enters magical Pisces on February 18 to light up your romantic 5th House again. Now you're even more ready to play and perform, opening yourself up with a carefree attitude that makes you more desirable than ever. This transit isn't about working out the complexities of a relationship unless having a good time is the remedy you need. Save the serious stuff for later because this solar transit begins a month of innocence and self-discovery that's not limited by old rules or bound up with obligation and serious expectations.