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July 2012 Scorpio Love Horoscope

Words are not weapons

Conversations may burn with intensity during the explosive Full Moon on July 3. This lunation occurs in traditionally stoic Capricorn, but its conjunction with provocative Pluto and stressful square from electric Uranus can bring emotions to a boil. Words could be used as weapons, which is not a way to keep the peace.

If you've been biting your tongue and keeping your thoughts to yourself, it's healthy to express yourself. Yet built up tension could spark conflict. Be real, but be cool, if you want a constructive discussion rather than a destructive one. Your traditional ruling planet Mars also enters peaceful Libra on July 3, encouraging you to avoid confrontation. But running from the truth is not the answer either.

The middle of the month is a hot time, with assertive Mars triggering the volatile Uranus-Pluto square on July 17-18. It may not take much to set you off or to ignite an emotional firestorm in someone else. Wise Jupiter's favorable trine with Mars on July 17, however, could provide perspective that balances fiery feelings with reason.

Cerebral Mercury backs into a clever sextile with feisty Mars on July 22. This sharpens your mind, which can be used as either a weapon that wounds or like a scalpel to cut away unhealthy habits. An open heart helps to heal that day, too, as the Sun enters loving Leo. This occurs in your 10th House of Career, giving you more chances to shine in your job or other positions of responsibility when you act with grace and generosity.