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June 2012 Scorpio Love Horoscope

Keep it light

Consistency in relationships may be hard to come by for much of the month. June starts with the Sun in jittery Gemini and your 8th House of Intimacy. While this might be fun for flirting, it's not ideal for feeling safe and secure. Your desires may flicker with uncertainty, hungering for someone one day and feeling disinterested the next.

These patterns are underscored by amorous Venus' retrograde cycle in your 8th House, which lasts until June 27. Staying flexible will allow you to adjust to changing moods and circumstances. If you have a partner, the benefit can be finding some objectivity that allows you to see the alliance more clearly. Discussing issues without making commitments to change is a healthy way to expand the boundaries and potential of this union.

If you're single, it's useful for chatting with potential lovers without becoming overly intense. Sure, you may give up a dash of passion, but in return you gain more self-control. On June 4, a sexy and sassy square between amorous Venus and your ardent ruling planet Mars spices up your social life. Knowing the difference between a friendly flirtation and a real emotional interest is a key to having fun without creating confusion.

On June 20, the Sun shifts into watery Cancer, which is compatible with your sign. This transit occurs in your 9th House of Travel, Higher Mind and Education, facilitating connections with people through school or in faraway places. Exploring different cultures will be a good way to enrich your relationship life.