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November 2011 Scorpio Love Horoscope

Powers of persuasion

November's major astrological event is the Sun's presence in your passionate sign until Nov. 22. This can provide you with more energy, a sense of power and a willingness to express yourself more openly. These can all be favorable in matters of the heart. You should be able to get more attention, but might also be so occupied by your responsibilities that finding the free time you need to play might be a challenge. Fortunately, that should shift when your traditional ruling planet, Mars, leaves your 10th House of Public Obligations on Nov. 10. It then shifts into your 11th House of Groups where you might get more support from others. This can also stimulate your social life when you're with friends or part of an organized social experience.

Nov. 10 is also critical because it's the day of the Taurus Full Moon, which falls in your 7th House of Partners. If you already have one, this can trigger a crisis or breakthrough, especially when the other person is resistant to change. You may become bored and need to seek out fresh forms of stimulation to revive interest in the union. If you're single, though, this could be a favorable event because it makes you more visible to others. Attracting an easygoing person is certainly possible. Just do your best to be flexible and open-minded because too many rules could ruin your chances for romance. Your powers of persuasion can be exceptionally strong when Mars forms a harmonious 120-degree trine with your sign's potent modern ruler Pluto on Nov. 23.