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April 2012 Taurus Love Horoscope

Let bygones be bygones

Your partnership patterns may be inconsistent this month with Venus entering jittery Gemini on April 2. Venus is love's key planet and the ruler of your sensual sign, so this is favorable for flirting and chatting amiably without pushing too hard to achieve your goals. Enjoying the company of undemanding individuals where you don't have to make any commitments can be a nice break for you.

In fact, the all-powerful Sun is slinking in the shadows of your secretive 12th House of Privacy until April 19, which means you will probably need more private time than usual. It's useful for stepping back from the pressures of daily life to rest, relax and reflect on your desires and your regrets. This helps you gain perspective and finally put an end to nagging personal issues that may be holding you back.

Then, on April 19, the Sun blazes into Taurus and your 1st House of Personality. This transit increases self-confidence and garners more attention. Putting your own needs first is to be expected, but outright selfishness obviously won't win you points with others.

The Taurus New Moon occurs on April 21 and is favorably aligned with imaginative and romantic Neptune. This positive connection inspires faith and enlivens your dreams, and it also facilitates forgiveness for yourself and others. Letting bygones be bygones is a highly effective way to make room for new people and experiences in your life. It's much easier to do this when you let go of old judgment and take a more objective approach to your relationships.