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August 2012 Taurus Love Horoscope

Be flexible

Your ruling planet Venus has been bouncing around in jumpy Gemini since early April, which can make it hard to feel settled in relationships. Finally, on August 7 the love planet moves into sensitive and caring Cancer, which is a better match for your stability-seeking sign. This is also the day when verbal Mercury stops its backward slide and shifts into forward gear, which should get communication flowing more easily in the days and weeks to come.

Still, all is not tranquil in the land of love when Venus runs into some stormy territory in the middle of the month. She opposes provocative Pluto and squares Uranus on August 15, which can put some strange and surprising twists into relationships. This could be a disruptive time when trust is hard to come by and freedom needs grow stronger.

If you've made too many compromises with someone, you might be ready to break your agreements. The upside of this transit is to awaken interests in people and activities and to update your attitude and appearance. Flexibility and an experimental approach help you adjust to rapidly changing conditions and to avoid emotional explosions.

Intense individuals excite, yet could also complicate alliances when energetic Mars drills into passionate Scorpio and your 7th House of Others on August 23. You could attract more demanding individuals or find that your current partner wants more than he or she is getting. But this sexy transit can also give you more drive in the pursuit of erotic pleasure.