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December 2011 Taurus Love Horoscope

Spanning the emotional spectrum

There's complexity this month as the love planet Venus is in earthy Capricorn, an Earth sign that's compatible with yours, until Dec. 20. Yet there's a more serious than sensual side to this transit, offering pleasure while loading up expectations and responsibilities. On Dec. 1, lovely Venus joins Pluto, the powerful lord of the psychic underworld. This can stir intense feelings that are often so extreme that they are difficult to express openly. Resentment and unrelenting desire are two ends of the emotional spectrum. While mistrust is possible, facing your fears and addressing your disappointments can help you get a deeper understanding of your needs.

The Full Moon on Dec. 10 is in chatty Gemini and it's also a Lunar Eclipse, which ups the ante. Aggressive Mars in practical Virgo is in your 5th House of Romance from which it forms a stressful square to the Sun and Moon. This could trigger conflict but also arouses passion that could turn a fight into a fun time. Do your best to keep things light instead of letting a minor misunderstanding escalate into full-scale warfare. If you keep your sense of humor, the rewards can be especially pleasurable.

Venus' shift into brainy Aquarius could put a chill in the air, particularly if you're stuck in old behavior patterns that you're unwilling to change. However, when you're open to taking chances and exploring unusual forms of enjoyment, you might find surprisingly different ways to play. The holidays put freedom needs on the front burner, making you extra sensitive to anyone who tries to control your actions.