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February 2012 Taurus Love Horoscope

Rest, relax and reflect

The month starts with your loving ruling planet Venus in sweet and tender Pisces and your 11th House of Groups. This is excellent for having fun with friends and finding love when you are part of a team or organization. This delightful transit ends on February 7, however, when amorous Venus fires into impulsive Aries -- where she will join revolutionary Uranus on the February 9.

This can rattle your relationship cage with surprises and uncertainty. Sudden attractions, strange desires and unreliable individuals may come into your life. This is an impulsive time for love, but what makes it more complex is Venus' position in your secretive 12th House of Privacy. This could leave you feeling left out or ignored by others. A sense of isolation is not ideal for boosting self-confidence or trusting a partner. But this also signals a chance to get away from the crowd and prepare yourself for a fresh start in your personal life next month.

Spending more time alone gives you a chance to rest, relax and reflect. If you're in a relationship now, this is an opportunity to step back and think about your long-term desires. If they're not on track in your current situation, it's an appropriate time to consider what kinds of changes are necessary to make this happen. If you're single and not happy about it, there are changes in attitude and approach you could make to alter the situation. But you might also enjoy letting go of your need to connect to have some precious time for yourself.