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July 2012 Taurus Love Horoscope

Can't fight this feelin'

If you feel like you've been carrying the load in keeping love alive, that might change this month. Passionate Mars has been in Virgo and your 5th House of Romance since late last year. While this may have opened some pleasurable doors, it could be that you've had to give much more than you got.

Well, Mars finally leaves meticulous Virgo and enters lovely Libra on July 3. This is the sign of fairness and equality, which could reward you with more supportive partners. In fact, if you don't address these issues in a nice way, they may come up in less pleasant form when Mars crashes into hard aspects with manipulative Pluto on July 17 and explosive Uranus on July 18. If you've been biding your time about expressing yourself, this could be when you can't hold in your feelings any longer. Obviously, it's better to be honest all along as dealing with a little disturbance when it arises is healthier than remaining silent and exploding later.

Reviewing past relationships comes with mental Mercury's retrograde turn in your 4th House of Roots on July 14. The positive side of this transit is awakening joyous memories that remind you how much fun life can be. The Sun's entry into expressive Leo and this part of your chart on July 22 increases your desire to be loved. You can help to make this happen by being more generous. Sharing your heart openly can seem risky, yet it's an excellent way to get the love you want back in return.