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June 2012 Taurus Love Horoscope

State of flux

Yours is the steadiest sign of the zodiac, but you might not be feeling especially grounded and emotionally consistent this month. Your amorous ruling planet Venus is stuck in reverse until June 27, which tends to keep relationship wheels spinning without getting a lot of traction. Your attractions and those attracted to you can change quickly, leaving you and others uncertain about where you stand. Yet it's wiser to accept that you're in a state of flux than to try to force a commitment that's really not ready to take hold.

The outgoing Sagittarius Full Moon on June 4 is a lunar eclipse that falls in your 8th House of Deep Sharing. This can cast a shadow on an intimate relationship or your expectations of partnerships. Religious, philosophical or political differences could drive a wedge between you and someone you care about. It's better to put your cards on the table and face the truth than to skirt any key issues. Sometimes the truth hurts, yet facing your feelings with honesty will be healthier in the long run.

On June 20, the Sun shifts into sensitive Cancer and your 3rd House of Communication. This is excellent for having heart-to-heart conversations where real feelings are shared. The key to making connections now or strengthening the one you have is to slow down and both listen carefully and express yourself with sincerity. Showing your vulnerable side can be uncomfortable, but it's a wonderful way to show who you really are.