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March 2012 Taurus Love Horoscope

Recharge your batteries

There is one great astrological pattern this month that can make March special. It's the entry of the love planet Venus into your sweet sign on March 5 that can provide you with an extra portion of pleasure during the subsequent four weeks. Venus is at home in earthy Taurus, where sensual delights and increased self-worth are expected. Slow down to enjoy your senses instead of rushing through your day too quickly, and appreciate the sounds, smells, sights and tastes that make life worth living.

Getting comfortable with yourself is also recommended, as doing so will make you more attractive to others. But it's best to keep things simple, as love can be yours without jumping through complicated emotional hoops.

Passionate Mars is still in your 5th House of Romance, adding more points to your desirability quotient. This energetic planet, though, is still moving retrograde, which can stir up interest in lovers from your past. This isn't, however, a time to trip down memory lane. Clearing up old relationship issues is a good idea, but returning to someone to live through them again isn't recommended.

You might feel like withdrawing from the spotlight when the Sun enters Aries and your ultra-private 12th House on March 19. Spending time alone or with one supportive individual may be more rewarding than being part of a group. You could feel somewhat isolated, yet if you're clever this can be a powerful time to recharge your batteries and prepare yourself for a fresh start when the Sun enters you sign next month.