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May 2012 Taurus Love Horoscope

Going to extremes

There's a possibility for a significant shift in your personal life this month. Venus, your romantic ruling planet, turns retrograde on May 15, initiating a 6-week backward cycle that could slow down your pursuit of love, but it could also give you second and third chances to repair relationships.

This important event occurs with amorous Venus in chatty Gemini and your 2nd House of Values. You might need to re-evaluate some promises you've made or reconsider your understanding of what someone else has promised you. It's tempting to want to avoid making serious decisions during this period, which is probably appropriate when it comes to making new connections or plans.

But you can be effective in cleaning up your personal past by rethinking your positions on certain subjects and changing your mind about them. You might be interested in playing with your appearance and getting into old styles. Just have fun and stay flexible as you explore different looks and deal with an inconsistent sense of your self-worth.

Relationship issues can boil over around May 5 with the intense Scorpio Moon in your 7th House of Others. Going to extremes is expected, whether you're pushing a bigger agenda or you're dealing with an intense partner. The New Moon on May 20 is a Solar Eclipse in Gemini that signals the need to let go of old ideas or to end communications that aren't advancing your interests. Like Venus retrograde, you'll go further in your love life in the long run if you're willing to tie up loose ends first.