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August 2012 Virgo Love Horoscope

Fulfill your own desires

There's likely to be forward movement in your relationship life in the latter part of this month. Your ruling planet Mercury has been stuck in reverse in the hidden 12th House of your chart since July 14, but it finally shifts into forward gear on August 7. This should get information flowing more easily and help you to make new connections or shore up old alliances.

However, this chatty planet won't leave this obscure part of your chart until August 31, when it gives you a boost by entering your sign. The Sun spends much of August in your 12th House, another reason you may be less visible than usual. Friends, though, could put you on the firing line when sociable Venus in your 11th House of Groups collides with explosive Uranus and Pluto on August 15.

Then, on August 22, the Sun emerges from the shadows and goes into Virgo and your 1st House of Personality. That's likely to raise your profile and give you more drive in partnership issues. You may be less willing to compromise, as it becomes essential to put your own needs first. Sure, you can accommodate others, but that's best done after you've gotten clear fulfilling your own desires.

Passionate Mars' move into steamy Scorpio on the following day adds another degree of intensity. This powerful transit lands in your communicative 3rd House, where it makes you a more compelling, convincing and seductive speaker. Soft words carry great power when they're backed up by your strong desires.