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January 2012 Virgo Love Horoscope

Give and you shall receive

Loving Venus is Astrology's key planet when it comes to relationships, and she's likely to have significant impact on your personal life this month. January starts with Venus in unconventional Aquarius and your 6th House of Work. While you may enjoy your job more and perhaps even find ways to combine productivity and pleasure, this transit is more beneficial for practical matters than personal ones.

On January 14, though, Venus slides into sweet Pisces and your 7th House of Partnerships, which is good news in several ways. First, the love planet is exalted in this sensitive and spiritual sign. It's a reminder that we can engage with others without being petty or overly critical. The capacity to give and receive without keeping score grows, increasing intimacy and trust.

Venus' passage in your 7th House is especially rewarding as it tends to make you feel more attractive. If you're already in a relationship, this transit is ideal for being forgiving and allowing you and your partner to rekindle the flame that lit up your alliance in the first place. Letting go of petty matters and minor complaints gets you out of your analytical mind and into your loving heart.

If you're single, this increases your likelihood of attracting interesting individuals. Your hunger for romance, though, can grow so strong that you may overlook some obvious flaws in the midst of your emotional flights of fancy. Nevertheless, there's much more to be gained than lost when you let go of the past and permit your feelings to lead the way now.