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July 2012 Virgo Love Horoscope

Unfinished business

Your personal life should get easier with edgy Mars finally ending its 7-month stay in your sign on July 2. This passionate planet's shift into your 2nd House of Self-Worth is a reminder to invest in yourself in ways that make you feel more desirable. It's also a reminder to fight for fair treatment in all of your relationships. Just be your careful self and don't act hastily to avoid wasting time or money.

The Full Moon on July 3 falls in your 11th House of Groups, where it's joined by transformational Pluto. This could spur feelings of mistrust with a friend or colleague. It signals a need to re-evaluate your commitment to organizations and causes. Unless they are rewarding you in a profound way, it might be better to remove yourself from the situation. The potential benefit of this powerful event is to demonstrate your strength as a leader, which increases confidence and garners favorable attention.

On July 14, your ruling planet Mercury stops dead in its tracks before starting a three-week retrograde period. This backward turn occurs in your 12th House of Unfinished Business, signaling the importance of reviewing past patterns in relationships to discover where changes are needed. Reconnecting with a person from the past or simply thinking about an old romance is meant to remind of what worked and what didn't so you don't repeat unproductive patterns.

Communication gets a boost and bright ideas arise with Mercury's favorable aspects to bold Mars on July 22, optimistic Jupiter on July 24 and innovative Uranus on July 25.