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June 2012 Virgo Love Horoscope

Let go of expectations

June begins with the Sun in Gemini, which is a sign that sometimes rubs you the wrong way. That's because it's easy and breezy and doesn't concern itself with the details and practical matters that are often on your mind. Frustration is reduced when you let go of expectations and find the flexibility to adapt to inconsistent moods and people. Instead of trying to nail down commitments and holding others to your high standards, letting go and allowing yourself to play will make life easier and more fun.

On June 7, though, your communicative ruling planet Mercury enters sensitive Cancer, which can add a degree of intimacy to conversations. Friends can be very helpful to you if you want to discuss delicate matters. Just make sure that confidentiality is respected so that you feel safe to share your feelings and private thoughts.

One exception to this is June 11, when Mercury slams into hard aspects with disruptive Uranus and Pluto. Conversations can go to extremes, especially when power and freedom are in question. Although breakthroughs of awareness are possible then, speak carefully and react slowly to avoid unnecessary conflict.

On June 25, Mercury enters bold Leo, strengthening your voice and increasing your confidence. This optimistic transit may encourage you to take more risks around what you say and do. Your creativity and ability to charm others can also rise a notch with this expressive move. Just don't get cocky around June 29, when you might have a bright idea that isn't easy for someone else to accept.