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May 2012 Virgo Love Horoscope

Broaden your horizons

Your brainy ruling planet Mercury cruises into slow, sensual and steady Taurus on May 9, reminding you to slow down and smell the flowers. Patience can enrich your conversations with sweetness that pleases you and makes you more desirable to others. There is a risk, though, of some stubborn thinking in this bullish sign, so try to catch yourself in the act if you're too rigid in your thinking. This transit occurs in the 9th House of Faraway Places, attracting you to different cultures, as well as to higher education. Brains and practicality make an almost irresistible pair now.

The heart-centered Sun is also in Taurus until May 20, underscoring the importance of broadening your horizons while honoring your basic beliefs and values. There's more wiggle room when the Sun shifts into adaptable Gemini on May 20, followed there by mental Mercury on the 24th. A more flexible attitude can help you to skirt crises and emotional showdowns that you'd rather not face. Besides, amorous Venus is turning retrograde in Gemini on May 15, which works best when your mind and heart are open to change. Sticking to plans and the people you love could be more complicated then.

Mercury skids into a stressful square with slippery Neptune on May 25. This can lead to fantasies, illusions and miscommunication. What you see and hear may not be what you get. While the benefits include romantic conversations and forgiving thoughts, keeping one foot solidly on the ground can help you avoid disappointment and deception.